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Mayor Seaman PSA - October 16, 2020
Contact : Pamela Powell, City Clerk, Administration    7074414175
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Hello. I’m Mayor Susan Seaman. As I’ve shared with you in my previous communications, the City of Eureka is continuing to work tirelessly to support the health and well-being of our citizens, our community, and our economy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In just two weeks, we’ll be entering Halloween weekend. It’s a favorite holiday for many kids and adults alike. Like everything else, Halloween will look a little different this year, but it doesn’t mean we can’t still have some scary fun.

The City of Eureka has been working hard to make sure kids 12 and under still get a chance to get out to show off their costumes and earn some treats with Pumpkin Hunt Events at three of our local parks: Sequoia Park, Cooper Gulch and 20/30 Park. In an effort to limit the number of people at any single time, the events will be broken into three time periods for different aged participants. Please wear a protective mask, not just a Halloween mask, if you attend. Social distance and come during the following times:

  • Children ages 0-6 should come from 11 AM to 12:30 PM
  • Children ages 7 to 9 should arrive between 12:30 and 2 PM
  • Children between 10 and 12 years old should arrive between 2 and 3:30 PM

Please limit your experience to one park so as many children can participate as safely as possible. If you have questions, you can call our Community Services team at (707) 441-4248.

Boo at the Zoo is a popular event every year. This year it will be a members only premier experience for a limited number of Sequoia Park Zoo members in order to meet County guidelines and discourage gatherings of groups of people. The event will happen on Halloween Day from 3 to 6 PM Members can reserve their spot now at the Sequoia Park Zoo website ( If you’re not a member, you can become one to reserve your tickets. Families with a zoo membership will also get free entrance to the zoo for a whole year.

Even if you don’t attend a community event, there are plenty of ways to plan a fun Halloween with your immediate family.

You can go on a pumpkin hunt for the perfect pumpkin and have a fun time carving them, or using them to decorate a fall scene. You can also take a walk to look for other decorated pumpkins in your neighborhood.

Make a spooky dinner. There are a ton of easy and creative recipes that are fun to cook and devour together as a family.

Have a neighborhood scavenger hunt, where you take a walk in your neighborhood and look for items to check off of a scavenger hunt scorecard. You can prepare prize bags with goodies for each item found OR you can hide treats around the house for a more localized hunt.

You can plan a scary movie night and even schedule a watch party with friends and family near and far by watching the same movie at the same time.

You can use Zoom or Google Hangouts – or your favorite video conferencing app – to get together for costume contests, a dance party, or a modern campfire style ghost story event.

Finally, decorating your house or business is a great activity that doesn’t require social gathering but can bring a smile to the faces of many people.

The most important thing is to remember is that Halloween is pretend scary, but COVID is real scary and we want to allow for the fun without creating any health crises. Trick or treating is considered an unsafe activity from the CDC to our local public health department, but just a little imagination can help make this a special and memorable Halloween for all the right reasons.

Again, I’m Mayor Susan Seaman, and I appreciate everybody’s commitment to keeping us safe while we adapt to celebrating in this strange environment. Please continue to be safe, stay healthy, be patient with yourself and kind to your neighbors and family. We’ll talk again soon.